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I have been in the insurance industry, protecting my clients, for 10 years now. I truly enjoy the "defensive strategy" that comes with insuring people and their assets, business holdings, and farms. It's what motivates me each week, year in, year out. I find that many agents will not slow down enough to really take the time to learn about their clients, and thus a "disconnect" can develop that can be avoided... by listening to what is important to that person.

I try to determine from a new client what he or she wants to protect, and what is not as important. I also always ask myself, "Would I spend my own money on that particular portion of a policy... or that endorsement?" If the answer is no, then I will point that out and let the client direct me as to what is worthwhile. One cannot guard against everything in the insurance world, so applying the correct money and emphasis against those risks or losses that would be financially catastrophic is what I concentrate on. If you want to sit down with an agent who actually enjoys getting to know you, and learning what you value and what you wish to protect, then I look forward to getting a chance to discuss your insurance needs with you.

Personal Insurance

Homeowners Insurance Icon

Homeowners Insurance

Securing adequate and proper home insurance can be more complex than expected. Contact me to discuss getting proper coverage at a fair price.

  • Correct replacement cost of your home
  • Adequate liability
  • Extras: water sewer backup, identify theft, etc.

Personal Auto Insurance

The risk of operating an automobile every day is the highest risk we all face in our life. Many companies focus solely on cost and ignore the more important aspect which is protection. By calling me, you can balance both.

  • Coverage offered is always above state minimum
  • Electronic billing, fully available
  • Important endorsement analyzed and recommended
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Life Insurance Icon

Life Insurance

Perhaps the most important protection you will ever purchase, but one that is often difficult to discuss. Contact me for a no obligation sit down so we can protect your family at a reasonable cost.

  • Many types of policies available to fit individual needs
  • Needs vs. budget analysis
  • Let's work together to get the coverage you need in a sensitive and sensible way.


You have many options for what to do with your future retirement money. Most people are not aware that insurance companies offer some great opportunities and products. Contact me if you would like to discuss options that are outside the standard stock market.

  • Far better returns than a saving account or CD
  • Annuities: indexed and fixed
  • Consider investing for the future with confidence at better fixed returns
  • Referral network available should your needs involve standard stock market holdings
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Commercial Insurance

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General Liability Coverage

Protect your business or organization with liability coverage that applies correctly. Whether you have a business, non profit, religious organization, or just need professional liability for your own occupation, we can handle that.

  • Liability for contractors
  • Non-profit and churches
  • Specialities: professional liability/E&O
  • Building owernship and landlord liability
  • Retail and shop owner policies

Farming Agriculture

Whether it is a full working farm, an ag-related business, or just a hobby, you need the right coverage in this specialized area of insurance. Call me for an on site meeting where we can discuss tailoring your coverage to you.

  • Equine liability and horse ownership
  • Farm building and farm machinery coverage
  • Nurseries, tree farms, and related operations
  • Standard Farms: dairy, vegetable, hay, honey, maple syrup, beef, egg sales, and misc.
  • Speciality Animals: alpacas/llamas, goats, turkeys/fowl
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Mobile/Capital Equipment Icon

Mobile/Capital Equipment

Cover your high value equipment properly using Inland-Marine coverage. From small to large, we can configure your policy correctly at a reasonable price.

  • Construction: bulldozers, excavators, miscellaneous high value machinery
  • Contractors: speciality equipment relative to your operation
  • Speciality business equipment of high value

Business Assets & Building

Owning a commercial building or rental property can be a major financial undertaking. Don't risk a long term investment by purchasing subpar coverage. Call to discuss fitting your need to your budget.

  • Commercial buildings with most types of occupancies
  • Restaurant, markets, eateries, delis
  • Retail and office exposures
  • Residential rentals
  • Specialities: contractor workshops, church buildings, small jewelers, misc.
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Commercial Auto

Don't let a business auto claim derail years of your hard work. As a business owner, you may have others who drive for you. This is a large exposure and needs to be handled very professionally.

  • Most types of commercial auto liability offers
  • Fleets: 1 to 25 vehicles
  • Complete coverage including confirmed drivers lists and other details
  • Vehicles with installed speciality equipment can be accommodated


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